All-Inclusive Reality Show registration deadline is 31st July 2021.

Audition holds 3rd - 6th of August, 2021

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Local Governments

In the social and cultural development of western region particularly Nigeria as a country, Ogun state is a unique display of African heritage showcased through its first in talents and creativities. Ogun Indigenes have played huge roles in developing entertainment industry in Nigeria, hence the celebration of its pride through Ogun All Inclusive Reality Show 2021. Its the totality of Ogun people endeavors in all spheres of life into a new socio-eco-cultural rebirth via music and visual creativity  to drive the socio- economy growth and development. It is an avenue to bring people together and enjoy all the spectacle that OGUN State has to offer under an atmosphere replete with tranquillity, excitement, glamour, joy and happiness which defiled all ethnic, religion, sex, age and political barriers. All Inclusive Reality show is the convergence and display of rich and colourful cultural, tourism heritage and diversity, aesthetics, arts & acts, colour, norms and values of Ogun State.In Nigeria and particularly Ogun State today, Music is generally around us, its in our homes, on our streets, in our offices, it as become a major part of our every day life, our daily culture with the percentage in which Ogun indigenes are craving ways in the industry can not be overemphasized using talent, creativity, culture, tradition, language and heritages as a rallying point.The growth of Music in the Entertainment Industry in Africa and Nigeria in particular as been overwhelming in the last couple of years with Ogun State becoming the hub of Music and symbol of hope.Music symbolises trend, confidence, believe, realness, greatness, survival, career trend, freshness, celebration of future...Music cuts across major divides gender, race, religion, age etc.Music across the world is more than a culture for youths, its a religion, a celebration, a festivity, a way of life.


Nigeria is a Nation blessed with vast treasure house of talent. 

Ogun Indigenes e.g Fela Kuti, Ogunde, Ebenezer Obey, Aruna Isola, Sefiu Alao, Dbanj, Olamide etc  over the years have utilize the advantage to make history. 

Ogun All Inclusive Reality Show will create a platform where upcoming artists would communicate and entertain an organized audience through their creativity inorder to penetrate into this highly competitive entertainment industry.

An opening into a new socio-cultural realm for the Ogun people, using Music, Tourism and Culture to drive the economy and to foster unity in the state.


OGUN ALL-INCLUSIVE REALITY SHOW aims to unite millions of music lovers within the 20 Local Government Area of Ogun State, bringing them together under one basic umbrella of Unity, Peace and Development on a yearly basis.

To further project the administration of Governor Dapo Abiodun’s (ALL INCLUSIVE). 

An atmosphere of fun and entertainment over a long weekend for a period of 15 days.






  • Economy

The foot  traffic to Abeokuta for fifteen days rehearsal programme (participants), with visitors coming from all the Local Governments of the state and country 
Auditions to take place at the 20 Local Government Areas in the State.
One participant par Local Government 
20 participants to be camped for rehearsal.
Professional musical instrumentalist, producer and music director to guild during rehearsal.
High-life, Hip-pop and Fuji are the focus
Official dress to attend main event is Adire Fabrics 
A walk to Olumo Rock

THE Growth

The likes of Fela Kuti, Ebenezer Obey, Haruna Isola, Sefiu Alao, Dbanj, Olamide amongst other have helped music over the years to grow tremendously across Africa.

Its growth and development in recent years  in Nigeria has been overwhelming.

Music is youth driven, a means to productivity and its embraced by all.

Today in Africa and Nigeria in particular has brought about a sense of belonging, up-liftment, successful career drive as reflected in the growth of our entertainment industry.


AGE 14+ to 34

Youths (male & female) across the 20 Local Governments of Ogun State.

Hip-pop, Highlife, Fuji music is the only movement that cuts across race, gender, age, culture and religion.

In general the entertainment community and its over 100million adorers/ acceptors across Ogun and Nigeria